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You, blindly
In your lack of interest and willingness to mend,
you've killed my current person.
Now forced, to start again
I fear everything.
Fear itself is a burden, but the emptiness is worse.
Questionable is the future, of there even being a future.
You, completely unaware of the wreaking you've left.
Me, hoping you simply, one day, remember.
Still with you, are my feelings towards love,
my courage, my hope, my self esteem, and I can't reach them.
All this, done so nicely and calmly,
still forever a "good person", I want to hate you,
Need to hate you, but cannot.
Instead I hate everything else.
It's just funny, the pain you bring, without knowing.
Even today.
:iconsirmaroc:SirMaroc 0 0
Someone planted a seed,
deep inside.
I tried to forget,
they watered, forced it to grow.
Seed to seedling, a plant soon to come.
:iconsirmaroc:SirMaroc 1 0
A Great Man
A great man has fallen.
Now, the rest of us must remember.
We must remember him in his greatness.
Sadly, this cannot be done.
For to remember greatness,
We must think of weakness.
For us to say "this man was great"
We must find one and say "this man was weak".
But to do so,
to do such a thing would tarnish this great man's image.
To think of the great whilst thinking of the weak,
no, this cannot be done.
For this man was great.
Not the great you can buy or become due to fame and fortune.
This man was great from the inside.
This man was strong, not with muscles but with will.
So today, I say goodbye, not only to a great man, but also to a myth.
A myth that greatness among men could exist.
Goodbye, Great Man.
:iconsirmaroc:SirMaroc 1 0
I wouldn't do that
----------- Insert complaint -----------
Blow your brains out stranger
I wouldn't do that.
Trade in your prized jewel for a buck
I wouldn't do that.
Double - Triple - quadruple cross you
I wouldn't do that.
Break your lifelong piggy bank of hopes and dreams to see the many pieces crumple at my feet
no, I wouldn't do that.
----------- /Insert complaint -----------
Your ease to murder surpasses my displeasure in closing the door on my way out
and as I walk away trying to find a grain of reason in returning, we know none exists.
But my love surpasses all hates logged, so I look from afar where the shrapnel can't reach me.
For no matter the things I wouldn't do, the one I would is you.
:iconsirmaroc:SirMaroc 0 0
wow2020 by SirMaroc wow2020 :iconsirmaroc:SirMaroc 1 0
Dead from birth
Fat by my own hand
from the habit of eating
blueberry pie
strawberry shortcake
Sick by the world
from breathing
in my own home
Dead from birth
from living
:iconsirmaroc:SirMaroc 0 1
Greener are the leaves
just south from great overpass
Sweeter are the women
after barley and cannabis.
Smarter are the wise
from falling all their life.
Longer are the children
from hanging from trees.
And slowly dies the poet, Xtera
the one who always dreams
:iconsirmaroc:SirMaroc 1 0
love is not
love is not blind
love is not sold
love is not earned
love isn't sex
it's not sexy
love does not consist of fights
love doesn't make guns
love is not work
love is not fun
love is not television
not advertisements
not cigarettes
you do not make love
you have sex
love can't smile
can't eat
can't sleep
love can't
love is not real
:iconsirmaroc:SirMaroc 9 6
Hurting Worser
He`s dying
not by pain
not by words
he`s flying
with the bees
and the birds
you`re crying
as you run
from the hazards
he`s dying for
you won`t say a word
:iconsirmaroc:SirMaroc 0 2
CPU or technology in general
Gone is time
gone is life
gone is blood
gone is air
gone is green
gone is hate
gone is love
gone are tears
gone are fears
now comes steel
now comes rust
   now comes machine
come from dust
:iconsirmaroc:SirMaroc 0 2
Skin never, ever tasted so...
spicy, the desire to rip
apart your skin, to let it melt
like chocolate in my mouth...
The heat you release, the smell
the taste between concealed lips
ever so ripe, and my hands work hard
to serve you right, to give you everything
I'll ever owe, to you my queen, and when
the day comes to kill your king, let his
sour blood spill, as I show you a mans LOVE.
My love, that you've earned, for God's sake
I love you, everything, and some things
will never change...nancy.
:iconsirmaroc:SirMaroc 2 4
Codename: ncyna
Older by skin
youthful sinner.
Taker unknown
still worthy enough to kill
worthy to die for?
Unanswered still
by the blue eyed smile
left behind
we mourn for your return
moaning alone without you.
Unanswered questions
deserve an answer,
yes, worthy to die for.
:iconsirmaroc:SirMaroc 0 0
20 days since I've seen you naked
12 days I've been traveling back to you
trying to think of all the things to say
when your the only one that could ever
help this mute understand.
Your the only one who could feed me my pills
and take me out of my subtle rage.
I asked you to marry me in my dreams...
where I could talk and make complete transactions
me the patient you the nurse, my days of wonder over
now since i stabbed you with plastic, they took away
my vocals and my arms, with only my head left to injure..
but i know you love me, this cripple...thats why you
come back, they always come back.
:iconsirmaroc:SirMaroc 0 2
A disaster from Webster COLAB
should i be a subject to false obsession
lest i be the object of true compassion
daylight dies and what the night will bring
will most definitely depend on that one thing
this night she held me in solace and joy
whilst I degraded her under my will power
stole her pitiful body for impulsive revenge
evil consuming, trying to resist my true calling
again being mentally unable in such a state
ending this session with one last kiss.
:iconsirmaroc:SirMaroc 0 1
9 times now you've damned me.
You've been trying from the start to curse me
I cannot bleed, you've taken all my blood vampire
you've taken all my tears witch.
And to imagine these are the things that sting
like a sonar, calling me back to you...
Control lost, pawns lost
king checked...mated.
You ate my queens from the start,
and all i wanted was peace.
Losing myself to your calling...
touching myself to your thoughts.
You've burned my already,
and now I'm coming home for you
to kill you, and love you entirely.
:iconsirmaroc:SirMaroc 0 4
Unlucky 8
Completely sober now
my engine continues
trying to find a valid excuse
for all the my stains cast on
your planet.
For all my sins, you love me still
stitched is my bleeding heart
forecast predicts your salvation
if i return, but i won't return...
not yet at least
:iconsirmaroc:SirMaroc 0 0

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